Tuesday, May 1, 2007

on my lips

After Hansel and Greteling on Sunday my lips were pretty shot, but I thought, power on! So Monday I took a lesson with G and practiced a bunch (audition freak-out, opera freak-out and windsymphony freak-out all at once) and then I had a concert at college orchestra (Prince Igor). Now my lips are in dried out medicated chapstick hell. THey actually don't feel that tired, but it is so dry here, I'm going through the little tubes of lip balm like crazy.

G had a great tool to measure air pressure while you play, very enlightening. Especially when you slur from E to A and it always seems to crack - I could have sworn I wasn't dropping pressure but the tool doesn't lie! So I'm working on the air thing and will have 4 excerpts by next week (of course the easy ones: La Scala, Tombeau, Stravinsky Cinderella, and just to be nice, Tchaik 4) There are so many parts to this audition; and of course each excerpt seems to have multiple parts of oboe hell. And big symphony just played Tombeau this weekend, so I know they will be asking for that first. *sigh*

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