Wednesday, May 23, 2007

oboey stuff

I sent my EH to the repair guy (Peter, the god of instrument repair!) for a new pad and some key unfreezing - I'm pretty sure Gary and I can get it adjusted well enough once the screws work. This is my old EH that I never play, I thought I should get it going and either sell it or play it! I will probably wait until Barb sells me hers (which is what I always play - it lives here with me)

I need to transpose the clarinet part for the Mozart concerto, I've been helping the section in band but my sight transposing stinks. It would be ok if I weren't leading the section, but that's how it goes! Helen has offered to let me use her software later this week, they are out of town til Friday.

Today I want to pull all the music we are doing next year, I guess highlights are Lt. Kiji Suite, Brahms Double, Haydn 101, Russian Christmas Music, and Firebird. I guess that will be fun. But I'm angry that our concerts ALL conflict with Big SYmphony's concerts, even the one with FIVE oboes. I am so frustrated that they are forcing me to make a choice (assuming the big symphony sub audition goes well).

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