Saturday, May 12, 2007

and more playing!

This morning was the dress for big college wind symphony. I can tell I am really fatigued, I made some silly mistakes, and it was really hard to count. It is sad because everything is happening at once, and I just can't give any more than I am...tonight we are having our s'more party, invited the neighbors over and we'll have a little bonfire. Fun, but I'm so tired. And aunt and uncle will be back tomorrow, which is the big bell choir service in church, and then the wind symphony concert (and of course, Mother's Day, hahahahaha!) Maybe we can celebrate after all this stuff is over. I think I want to get a kayak - my friend has one and they are great, and there are tons of lakes around here. Of course Jim would need one too (Father's Day), D still can fit in the storage hole, so he doesn't need his own yet.

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