Thursday, May 10, 2007

Calm (?) before the storm

Today I got an early morning phone call - it was my father in law - I'm headed your way! he said. Right then. So I did know he was coming sometime this month, but of course it would be now - everything is happening NOW! So that was great, but I started worrying about the state of the guest room and towels in the bathroom...but then the phone rang again.

It was LJ, a contractor for the big musical theater group, which I have played at least one show each summer with for several years. Sadly this year they were not going to need me, the one show with an oboe/eh part they were only using keyboards. Anyway, great news! A big donor has paid for extra musicians so they are filling out the orchestra - I will be playing "Puttin it Together" by Stephen Sondheim (a review). Yay! It has always been great playing in these productions, very professional (and lucrative).

I actually made it to the gym today, and then I came home and FIL (father in law) was there! We had lunch and then I practiced for 4 hours. I think he was a little shocked, but I have the opera tomorrow (eek!) and I really needed to go over some of the wind symphony stuff. Of course I will totally wing it directing the bells Sunday, but I think I will bring them Krispy Kremes. I'm so nice I kill myself.

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