Friday, May 25, 2007


I decided to add a list of my musicals (ones I've played) --seems much shorter than what I thought it would be! If I put on all the musicals I love I guess that would be much longer; so many productions have reduced pits these days, and the oboe is usually the first thing to go. *sigh*

Just to give credit where credit is due - I got the idea for this on oboe insight, where Patti has done MANY more shows/operas that I ever will. But soon I can add Puttin it Together, Sondheim, can't wait to get my book for that.

I was checking out the "woodwind doubling in Broadway musicals" page (this is a great page) and I noticed that Wicked (my latest favorite) has a bass oboe part! That is cool. Sadly I can't listen to my cd because just yesterday I played it for a friend and it got stuck in her Explorer cd player (argh). But now I am lusting to play it. I might even consider renting a bass oboe if they did it for the big theater company - one of the 10 best places to see Broadway off Broadway! But I assume it will be some years before it is available to us.

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Patty said...

They nixed the bass oboe part for the tour, and I'm not even sure it's still used in NYC. I heard, from someone who played Wicked prior to its heading to NYC, that the oboe player hated doing the bass oboe, as it was, really, pretty unnecessary. Still, the $$ would be nice! I've never gotten a triple!