Tuesday, May 29, 2007

mo stuff

I finally practiced again, felt to guilty to blog before I played a little. So I worked on La Scala and Tombeau, I hope to work these up soon.

But it has been a busy week - with Memorial Day in there I had really hoped to get the kitchen floor ripped up; but we didn't actually get any of that done. Or any gardening (because the weather was terrible) today of course, it is beautiful! But we partied with the neighbors and various friends and relatives; ate way too much and watched a couple of shows that had been waiting for ages.

Jim has a "thing" about movies - he hates to go out to the show; 1. cost, 2. sticky floors, 3. loud people, 4. lines, 5. so much more comfy at home. I am ok with this, but we end up buying tons of dvds (because he has another "thing" about renting movies). We probably have close to 1000 dvds. I should count them sometime. hahaha. Anyway, we haven't been out to a show since before Daniel was born (almost 6 years). It seems like we have to save babysitting for the times I HAVE to have it, so we very rarely go on any kind of date. Before D was born, we had great plans for "date-night" every week. What happened there??? And my cousin came to stay at a fancy hotel nearby with his wifey for their anniversary - we have NEVER done that. I tried to impress Jim with the desirability of going somewhere overnight WITHOUT Daniel WITH a maid and room service, but he did not seem impressed. Well, our seventh anniversary is in December, so we have a while to work on this!

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