Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Can I do anything else wrong?

Today is just one of those days - after the episode with the broken down car I took the truck (nice AC, but LARGE!!!) and was finally able to get it parked at the college. Actually worked out well because Daniel and sitter could hang out in the camper.

The rehearsal went pretty well, I thought I sounded pretty good (although they tuned to the clarinet - WHAT is up with that???!!!) The director is kinda full of himself but nice, and his prep measure is ALWAYS out of time. It was really weird - he would start out really slow - like ooonnneeeeeee, twooo, three, go! By the end of the measure he would always be in time, but strange. Also he really pushed the tempos, faster than the markings (eek!) but over the course of the piece it would slow down.

Of course I had underestimated the time to get back to drop off sitter, but Jim was able to meet me in the parking lot at his work and switch cars, so he took the sitter home and then had to figure out the other dead car at the neighbor's. So I go to bells, and everyone shows up, and they play pretty well - I'm stoked! I drive the convertible home, and Jim mentions something about filling up the (dead) car - remember I mentioned in the earlier post I took my precious time to do that - and I realized in my frenzied haste I completely forgot I was driving a DIESEL! ARGH. But at least Jim knows what is wrong now - apparently it is not that big of a deal in this type of diesel - he will just suck out as much gas as he can and put in diesel fuel, he says this motor can tolerate about 25% gas in the fuel! Thank goodness it's a reletively easy fix; although the $400 car is the one to mess up if I have to mess up!

Tomorrow will be a better day!

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