Saturday, May 5, 2007

Concert day!

This week has been crazy for me. But suddenly it is time for our final concert of the season, and after our dress last night, I feel a need to go over the Schumann #1 again. This was the FIRST time we had a second oboe, ever, and what a huge difference it made! Supposedly they are going to have auditions this summer - I really hope they get with the program on that. Last year we had two people switch off, and I think D figured they would do that again this year. But no one really asked these people, and oboe M decided it was too far to drive (for free) and she wanted more time with her family; and oboe A just never seemed to be available.

Interesting - oboe A used to have the principal spot, but she quit the week of a concert (before the concert) about 5 years ago. I guess the EH player (who is no longer playing with us) stepped up to play that concert - but then M told me to come audition; and I've been the principal ever since! There has been much more interest since they started paying the principals - hope they get enough to give everyone at least something.

So if they want I will offer to audition again (we don't have contracts or anything) just so oboe A doesn't feel like she is getting a raw deal, I know she really wants to play first. And she is a good player, but I can't imagine D trusting her after the episode where she left him in the lurch.

I guess I should mention that oboe C (who is playing 2nd on THIS concert) is wonderful but lives 90 miles away, so she will only come in for the final rehearsal and concerts. But hopefully she will be our EH player - this has worked out with the bass clarinet position who also lives in the same town.

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