Monday, May 21, 2007

a new leaf

It has been over a week since I last posted - haven't played the oboe all that time! I felt slight guilt (?!!) a couple of times, but it has been great! With all the playing before, and the company, I just needed a break.

So this week I actually went out in the garden and planted cute flowers, and weeded, and I watched a couple of movies, and played with Daniel! But now I'm ready to play again (since I have a lesson with G in about 2 hours) so I'm making reeds. We'll see what happens. My summer is actually shaping up pretty well - with several family trips and several gigs, looks like we are booked up! And all my summer stuff will pay, at least something. May have a wedding on 7-7-07 (why is this important to people?), a bassoonist wants a bassoon quartet but is having trouble finding one, so she'd settle for a ww5. *sigh* But it might be fun.

My goal this summer is to really work on great tone. Secondly pitch, which I tend to go sharp (still!) when I'm tired. And third technique. What else is there! I guess I just want to be a better player. Tired of just accepting my limitations, and next fall D will be in school so I will have hours free each day to work.

Other goals are to loose weight (I'm hoping for 20 pounds this summer, and 20 more by the end of the year). I have dropped a bit since January but I had really ballooned up there! And now I am having all kinds of problems with my knees and ankles. SO!

Also want to do fun stuff every day with D, and J if possible. Maybe do swim lessons, and last year our church did a park thing once a week.

So now I'm off to master the art of oboe reed making...I love having good reeds, they can make you feel like a musical god!

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