Wednesday, May 2, 2007

puttin it together

Yay! Someone actually CALLED ME about playing in the bell choir - she has come in for big events in the past, and she is great! I was so relieved, I had called tons of people, spent valuable time fretting (my specialty) and suddenly it was all good. If you don't know, bell choirs are essentially "one on a part" so you MUST have all the parts covered, unlike vocal choirs where there are usually multiple people on each part. This is especially troublesome in church choirs, where people don't feel a real sense of obbigation (at least in my choir) to show up! I should be fair though, MOST of my choir is great about helping out, and letting me know if they will be gone.

On other fronts, I told the little symphony I'm missing rehearsal, and my sub called and she can't come. This is a problem (for the orchestra) because the first flute is also gone (and she didn't bother to get a sub, there is a great player in town who would love to do it) and the 2nd oboe won't be there either (or 2nd bassoon). And this is concert week. *sigh* I feel guilt, but I decided I really had to go to one more Hansel and Gretel rehearsal. Too many gigs! H&G has many tempo changes (and some pretty tricky fast stuff) and I am just a sub, but this is for the big opera ($) so I really don't want to suck!

Then I was able to work out my student's recital times (how many hours was I on the phone yesterday??!) and make the programs, things are looking up. Of course I still have to get some sort of reeds going so I don't embarrass myself in the orchestra concert on Saturday - after blowing them off I'd better play perfectly in the dress/concert!

I have kind of put off practicing the wind symphony music (which is also a potentially lucrative future thing) and I haven't put the time into the big symphony sub auditions that I had hoped to - this is always the problem with auditions, the actual gigs get in the way! But fortunately they are letting me set the date, so I'll just put it off a while longer. No rush on my part!

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