Monday, March 12, 2007

Last concert

Finally we are done with this week of concerts! I am wiped out...although tonight was a short one - band, and we only played on half. Nothing wildly exciting, although a student wrote a nice piece with a good solo for EH. Now I can gear up for tomorrow night's rehearsal of the Mozart!!!! This is me, playing the concerto, terrified. Sometimes it actually goes really well, just depends on the reeds. And G can't see me until Thursday, but this IS just a rehearsal.

They called about a photo today, of course they wanted it RIGHT THEN. Don't know why they couldn't have told me they needed something earlier, but I was so lucky, I had totally forgotten that 10 years ago (or so) P and I had glamour shots of us with our instruments! And I actually had one scanned in, and I even look at least pretty similar - you can't see the grey hairs (not too many now) and of course I am fatter! But not like some promo shots that make you laugh when you see the person. Maybe I should put one up on my blog site. I'll consider it.

But because of this photo I am now really unhappy with the way I look now, frumpy and blah. So I got my ancient contacts out to test them at tonights concert (since I wasn't stressed about it) and they were a bit tiring but fine. I think I'll go to Costco and get the updated prescription - my goal is that when I lose 35 pounds I get to have the laser surgery. But we'll see when I get there (no imminent danger).

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