Friday, March 2, 2007


Yesterday was quite a day - Dan LOVED kindergarden (now how will we wait til fall???!) and they did all kinds of things in the morning. I think we will probably go with this private school; the public school kindergarden was a horror when I went there to check it out "We don't talk to the parents" and "If you want to see the school come to the open house in OCTOBER". Not to mention way over crowded classrooms and a nasty old building. We are so lucky to have the money to send him to private school if we want - it isn't any more than most people pay for a car payment!

Last night I taught 3 students, fun but exhausting! My first and most talented excuse maker came in and said he had just had a CAT scan!!! Of course not funny, but after the string of excuses it kinda is amazing. But we made some progress. I have one who just never practices and I don't think she'll be back next year; but one is doing great right now, all fired up to go to university next year! Makes me all happy to hear how far she's come.

Then we had orchestra. Frustrating - seems like we're not doing anything much for this concert and no one is practicing! Tuning wasn't great either. I always feel like it is my fault, could I have played a more steady pitch, or didn't I play long enough, or did I start "right on"...Next week there will finally be a second oboe for the dress rehearsal; we really need to get someone local and regular (although I really LOVE playing with C) Also all the soloists will be there, as it is dress. This is a Young Artist winners concert, so we're doing 1 mvt from 5 concertos! At least some are really great tunes, Rach 2 pno and Tchaik vln...and some funny G&S vocal stuff. There is this one Bizet vocal that has the oboes and bassoons doing the bagpipe drone thing - fun fun fun.

Today I MUST practice and get my **** to the gym! I was really tired yesterday, hope to rest up today before the insanity of Saturday is upon us!

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