Friday, March 23, 2007

the end is near...

The end of the week anyway. So many things going on - G has reeds ready for me and he's leaving tomorrow so I must get them; great they are done in time for Carousel. Must get sitter for next week when mom and dad go see Carousel; and also sitter for Friday afternoon (totally forgot) the dress rehearsal is during the day! Got presents for two five year old cousins party which is Saturday - nothing brilliant for mom who is turning 65 next week; and no great ideas for best friend who is turning 50! Argh. AND I still can't find a dress (or suitable clothing) for the concerto.

I did manage to work out today, and practice an hour; and do those nasty long tone reed things! And I taught three lessons and went to orchestra. And I got the stupid flyer done for the wine tasting - what a pain. Supposedly they liked it though. We'll see what they say about the corrections. I am tired of doing these for free and getting no appreciation from these people. So this is the last one. Really! Makes me sick that they PAY someone to hack out nasty posters with gross looking pasta on them - at least I didn't make them! Check it out at

I suppose there are worse things than having one's self rising out of leftover spaghetti on a poster! At least I'm on there now, the first version only had the violinist...don't really know why but they did eventually put all the soloists on. Gripe Gripe Gripe.

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