Sunday, March 18, 2007


Wow, the Wizard of Oz was really great, especially for a HS production. The scarecrow was really amazing, and the other two men were strong as well. The witch was a bit over the top, but if you can't be over the top when you are the wicked witch, when can you? She was a great crowd pleaser! They did Peter Pan last year, and my guess is they like the flying gear so much (brought in stuff by circ du solei in LV) they had to do it again this year - kind of schticky, but fun and D loved it. We had kind of terrible seats, but it was sold out, and they were only $6 so who can complain?!

The bells were great in church today! Everyone was actually on time and people had even set up before I got there!!! We did What Wondrous Love is This? which sounded great, and a praise tune I can't remember but the beginning is the exact quote from Phantom of the Opera. Cracks me up every time we get to that part. But it sounded great too. The big piece was Were You There? (actually written for bells) and we did pretty well, few scary spots - but the ending was very strong. The middle is very beautiful and contemplative, and they really pulled it off (after scaring me to death by not playing the first notes). A great success, so we went out for Mexican food after.

I practiced but now I am sort of stuck. Just want to take a nap (as J is doing) but guilt is making me not take the nap (however, I'm obviously not practicing either!) S had some good ideas on the dress; I'm thinking maybe a skirt and sparkly top (something with sleeves) would be ok. It's at the senior center after all...but this could be my only chance to play a concerto (they may never ask again!) Guys have it so easy.

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