Thursday, March 22, 2007

long day

I practiced for 3 hours today! And even got through the whole Mozart three times, I've decided I really have to up the ante if I'm going to get through it in style next month. The sad thing is I realized several sections are longer than the "20 seconds" I can't even play on the reed. No wonder I can't get through without sneaking breaths. This seems very obvious, but for some reason I am amazed. I just thought I had good breath control.

So tonight after quintet and bells (I had *14* ringers!!! Easter song sounds great) I came home and did the nasty long tones again. Jim thinks it is hilarious - as long as I go in the other room. It is not something pleasant to listen to. And I thought I would work on the flyers I'm doing for the symphony, but I just can't concentrate while I'm blowing my brains out (up to 40 seconds now, with two breaths) so I read comics online and did the flyer after. I even sent off a proof - call me competent!

In light of the many bell ringers, I decided I had to take action and buy some more foam. You might think that is no big deal, unless you have priced 4" firm foam lately. I needed a piece that was 30" x 72", and it cost $185! Then I had to get some black corduroy (4.5 yds) so I spent lots of money on the bells today. Fortunately I will get reimbursed, but people keep asking why I don't just go buy the foam we need! To get enough for all the tables would be $800. I'm thinking we'll just double up the stuff we have and buy one more big chunk for $185. That will take care of the big problem.

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Palm said...

14 Ringers!! What are you going to do with yourself!!! I say you do something crazeee. Had not priced foam lately, I am now much wiser. kisses!!