Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday afternoon (no park, no George)

This morning I was up bright and early (thank you Daylight Savings Time!) and actually got to church early for our rehearsal - service actually went very well (I thought) Quiet City was lovely (several people cried, they SAID because it was so beautiful) and no one could tell we got a little off in the canon part (organ is kinda mushy sounding - and with no conductor it is really HARD to keep your place!), but we faked that bit well. The klezmer-like piece was great - should have played longer! only 2 verses, but great fun, and H played the accordian with gusto!

Trying to get motivated to work on posters for the wine tasting, NOT inspired. Band rehearsal tonight, BS hates when I complain about band, but it is really a pain sometimes! We are doing two student pieces (one awful, one ok - mainly because he thoughtfully wrote a big old EH solo for me!) and Victory at Sea (blah). Hopefully next concert will be more inspired. Found a sitter for concert tomorrow (yay!!). Never realized how much I would miss having family around until we had D. But we do ok. Going to practice now (really?)

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