Saturday, March 24, 2007

Palm Springs!

Ok, we're not really going to Palm Springs, we're going to see my brothers and all 6 of their kids, along with grama and grampa! So fun, three birthdays this month. Only a 4 hour drive, fortunately D is a great traveler. I actually got SOMETHING for the birthday boys, not wrapped yet of course.

Tried the nasty long tones with easier reed last night - wow! I can totally do it for a minute at a time. MUCH better, although I suppose using the stiff reed is like adding little lip weights. Must bring oboe to practice. *sigh*

I actually practiced Carousel last night, there are a few scary bits. It goes so fast, but it will be really fun to play I think. Did not do a lot on the Mozart, guilt guilt guilt. But I have a life here (at least sort of!)

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