Friday, March 30, 2007

another openin'

Tonight's the night - seems so far away. Last nights rehearsal went pretty well, better than Wednesday. The chorus was much better, maybe more people there. The conductor is pretty difficult to follow, typical choral kind of conducting where there are no downbeats and every meter looks the same! Fortunately it is an easy score to follow - just a couple of places that have to be timed and the concertmaster has that squared away now.

It is a LOT different to be on stage, feel much more exposed. And we can't have all our stuff with us (cases and reed stuff and water) I think I will bring my things anyway, I have a lot of changes and I just don't have time to mess with dry reeds.

Couldn't sleep last night so I got up and finished the wine tasting flyers. NEVER doing this again - ungrateful wretches. Actually they probably are grateful, just not grateful enough to pay me anything. Fine.

Did at least get through the Mozart yesterday - today is questionable. Really want to go to the gym and then must get D to the sitters by 1, meet M to carpool over to the rehearsal and then I will just stay for the show. M is coming back to get her kids, but I would waste another hour (plus) getting home and back, when I could just stay and practice. But that means taking all my lovely attire (tuxs and black). I told the flutes they didn't say whether the tuxes had to be black, so they should wear powder blue...

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Pattyoboe said...

Hmmm. I've NEVER not had my "stuff" with me. I just explain that I have to. I might have to work on reeds. I might have to do a quick oboe repair. It's always been understood -- in every group I've played aside form when we accompanied Pavarotti -- that we double reeds folks are allowed all our equipment.

Truth be told, I'd probably refuse to play if they wouldn't let me bring things with me!

BUT ... if you are on stage and they are making you part of the "cast" that's different ... and then the pay is more, too, actually. (At least here.)

Or maybe this is a concert version of the show? Then it's back to all equipment with me, thank you very much. :-)