Friday, March 9, 2007

Agony - so much greater than yours...

Ok, last night was a total least for me personally! The orchestra sounded ok, hope things go better tonight (actual concert). I am making reeds (really desperate here!) and I went to work out early this am, so hopefully my body and soul are all in the right place!

So depressing to think how NOT GOOD I'm sounding on the Mozart compared to these whiz kids that are 14 and playing the Rachmaninoff piano concerto...I know I shouldn't go there (and thank GOD I am not playing on THIS concert!!!!). I am really annoyed that my concerto is going to be upstaged by the violin concerto - which was supposed to be on an earlier concert but it didn't work out. Then the professional singer winner of the Young Artists contest couldn't do tonight's concert, so she also is going to be on the April concert with me. AND they are all thin and cute (and young). I am in a bad place right now!!!!

Hope to post something really positive next time. Must practice now!

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