Friday, March 16, 2007

the calm (clam?) after the storm...

Whenever I write the word "calm" I think of the ad "Keep Clam" the Ivar's Restaurants used to have (acres of clams). And I can't even eat shellfish.
Anyway, I am happy to report I am in a calmer state, focusing on the real issue at hand: I MUST practice at least a couple hours today and I've barely started, *sigh*. The Mozart awaits - now that we've actually had a rehearsal and I survived, I'm finding it hard to get motivated to practice.
Also, other life intrudes; made a trip across town (about an hour each way) to get the stupid G5 bell fixed before the weekend, and it is all good now too. Best of all, it wasn't all in my mind. There really was something wrong, and the Bell Buggy didn't charge for fixing it, even after an hour of tweaking it. Now I can focus on the performance Sunday (although she did say this could happen again at any time -- comforting thought!)

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