Monday, March 5, 2007

Good day

Yay! Today I actually completed all my goals. Of course, then I think, but I should have done this, and that, and I haven't even started this other thing...BUT NO! I will be happy I actually practiced a good amount of time, went to the gym, got all ready for bell choir and got to the concert without anyone realizing I was late (they didn't rehearse my piece until 15 minutes later than the schedule). This particular orchestra only get in the hall on the day of performance, so they spend about an hour before the concert "feeling" the hall. I was so happy, my eh solos sounded great (at least I thought they did!) and the reed was pretty good; the first oboe was fabulous! Fun to play with her. This is my last concert with them this year, but I will play eh a TON this month - doing Quiet City in church Sunday, solo in the band concert Monday, then playing Carousel at the end of the month. Actually get union scale for that. Well, hopefully tomorrow I will practice, finish the laundry, and get started on the posters for the symphony wine tasting.

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