Monday, March 12, 2007

Darkwood Consort

Wow, just found some old friends on the web, the Darkwood Trio was the original group (of which I was one third); now they have I think 6 regular people (although 2 are the main group) and 2 of the original members still play! Too cool. Sounds like they have been very successful, B had even heard of them and was modeling our group after them. How wild is that????! I should play harp/flute duets with B, that would be a nice interlude.

Sounds like E is still having a horrible time at the school, he is persuing the lawsuit just so he can get the retirement money for his family, otherwise I'm sure he would just leave since the situation is so bad (not that he did ANYTHING wrong, stupid society)He did have a nibble on an instrument repair job - he would be great at that. I should get him to put levers on my harp, I've been meaning to do that for YEARS!

Trying to make some reeds, in BAD shape right now. Seeing G on Thursday for remedial help!

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