Wednesday, March 14, 2007

solo competition

Hooray! My student played well enough to progress to state!!! I am really excited, even though I have taught for a long time I have never had a student play for solo and ensemble, so of course this is my first student to go to state. I am really happy for her - she has worked really hard, only had lessons this school year. She started the oboe I think last winter. Yay.

In other news, my poor neighbor's insane mother is threatening to sue her. I guess the woman is delusional...something to do with signing over ownership of her house 18 years ago. My neighbor didn't even know this happened, but now mama wants her house back. And there would be BAD taxes. I told her to hire a lawyer and just let them handle it. I'm sure she is reluctant because SHE didn't do anything, just suddenly there is this nasty problem in her lap. But peace of mind is worth a lot! Hope she can find a good attorney.

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