Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Today should be fun, I just got the Paladilhe in the mail, so I will play something (at least briefly!) besides the Mozart! I am getting the first mvt memorized though, and as I get it really under my fingers I like it better. I can't believe people in college spent this much effort - or rather, gee, I wish *I* had put in more effort in my college years! Ah well, now I get a chance to do some of those things I couldn't do then. I am soooo grateful to have the CSO to play in, it is a perfect level of group for me right now. SS would be so much more stressful, were I playing principal (HAHAHA) and if I only got to play 4th/utility that would be not enough! It would be great to play 4/utility AND play in CSO as principal, but so far it looks like they are hiring people from 300+ miles away for that position. Seems insane to me, cuz they have to pay for hotel and airfare for these better players, but honestly, 4th oboe isn't exactly "featured" parts (usually). I think there are at least 4 people in town (including yours truly) who could play the part and they would never know the difference. *sigh*

Meeting M for lunch! Fun fun fun, and our parts for Carousel came. Sadly looks like nothing for me this at the summer theater, but maybe M will get to show off her doubling chops (they've been dissing her)

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