Thursday, March 29, 2007


I forgot how tired I get doing shows - thank God this one is only one weekend! I was happy I got in about two hours on the Mozart, went to the gym and had 2 hours of quintet yesterday before the show rehearsal - we are onstage and it is the biggest pit I've played in. The chorus is on risers behind us and the principals are in front although last night they were turned towards us. The principals are all great - but the chorus will hopefully get it together by tomorrow! Tonight we rehearse again, then Fri afternoon and Friday night is opening.

The first flute is a super player and I'm really glad he is there - so nice to have a pitch center to "lean" on! He is also really nice and not snobby at all. There are a lot of players from the "big" symphony, most are nice... I rode over with M last night, very fun to yak all the way; but tonight I have to teach early, and Friday she has to come back in between. So cool- the theater is catering dinner on Friday, AND they invited the band!

My reeds were not the worst but I need to get something better today. And mom and dad are coming and the house is still a mess - maybe the house fairies will come?

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