Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today we start rehearsing Carousel! I am kind of surprised, it snuck up on me because I am so focused on Mozart. But this should be very fun, with really good musicians.

I played for B last night, more nervous than I expected. But overall it went well, a few of the technical places I just played a bunch of notes, but I never stopped! And she had some great comments - real detail things that I could actually do. So I'm really glad I went. But when I got to the car it was 11:30! How did that happen? I hope she was able to get to school on time.

I am even up at a reasonable hour and hopefully I can practice an hour before rushing to the gym (with a fed and clothed child in tow) then off to Costco (the wonder store) for my contact fitting, home for more practice (again, hopefully); quintet - where hopefully E has remembered he is subbing for me in bells tonight; drop off D at J's work and off to Carousel!!! Nothing can go wrong or the day will collapse around me.

Must quit hoping and get practicing.

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