Saturday, March 6, 2010


Finally I have some things to play in! And I'm sick!

Wouldn't you know. I just felt that tickle in my throat yesterday - and it was so sore by night I couldn't sleep. Hopefully it will stay in my throat until Monday, when I can cancel things until Thursday (or Friday if I have to). But tomorrow I am playing in church, and I really don't want to cancel because it has been over a year since they asked me (with changing music directors and so on). Hopefully it will be ok.

I am playing the slow mvt of Marcello for communion (nice for Lent I think) and an obbigato with the choir - then I'll play on various hymns/praise tunes.

This week is our competition concert - and we are doing some lovely concertos. Unfortunately we are in the carpeted church again, lovely they let us have the space for a reasonable price, but it isn't as nice as the college hall we used to play at. We'll be back at the college for our May concert, but next year is still up in the air. I'm betting we're at the church the whole season. Money is just too tight. *sigh*

My baby reeds are gearing up for solo contest - which is next Saturday! So exciting to see them madly practicing, I love it. Sadly, one of my BRs is grounded - isn't it weird to be grounded from lessons? And she's not allowed to play for contest either - seems odd to me. But supposedly she'll be back for lessons in a couple weeks, wouldn't surprise me if she just dropped out. That would be really sad as this particular student was really working hard lately.

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