Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sort of Sabbatical

After never missing a concert for the past 16 years, I decided to take a concert off. Because of conflicts with another gig, and bad management with my symphony, and disgruntlement with other principal players taking every other concert off, and feeling under appreciated for my playing as well as all the other grunt work I do for the symphony. A perfect sub showed up out of the blue, and then amazingly this perfect person was available until summer. So I decided I needed a break. And now I'm off until June! And it feels great. Should people take sabbaticals from "normal" jobs? I certainly don't categorize my job as "normal". I know taking sabbaticals is a thing in the academic world, although I understand it's getting harder these days. But I think taking a break will really help my attitude and maybe my playing. I will get some perspective, and maybe the other players with either appreciate me more, or decide they'd be better off with someone else! Either way, it is good to shake things up. I have heard from other players about the concerts I'm missing, this last one had Peter and the Wolf and Pictures. I would have loved to play both those things again, but not one pang of regret as I listen to my friends telling me the highlights. So I know this was a good decision for me. For now.

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