Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Morning After...

Last night I had quite a whirlwind of rehearsals - first I picked Jim up from work, then dropped him and Dan off at band rehearsal (because Jim likes to just have one car). Then I drove into town for orchestra rehearsal (La Mer!) and then back out to finish up with the band. Yikes! So many concerts so little time. Next Monday night is the orchestra concert so I can't go to band rehearsal at all, and the following Monday is the Band concert. This is interspersed with my "big" orchestra concert (next Friday) and playing in church (next Sunday).

Just realized I'm playing EH for 3 of those performances. Must be the season. I have "access" to a wonderful EH, it belongs to my former teacher who has basically loaned it to me forever! She isn't interested in selling it (although I keep trying) but for now it is the perfect situation. It is an older Loree and I love it.

My oboe is also an older (how did that happen) Loree, I bought it new in 1986. It has been great although I'm thinking it might be time for a new toy...but do I play enough to justify that sort of purchase? It is hard here in the styx (sticks? whatever) to find paying gigs, when I lived in Ohio I NEVER played unless there was compensation. But if I did that here I just wouldn't play at all. The symphony is finally paying the principals (hopefully more people next year) but it is only $30/service. Not that I'm complaining, this is the first year we got paid at all! But trying to talk to people from back east about playing is difficult - it is a different world. Even my own brother had CANNED music for his wedding...I was so sad! (although the marriage is good - don't get me wrong; I LOVE my sis-in-law)

After the big post concert (Sunday's Mozart) let-down, I am having a hard time working up to practicing. Of course, I have to play the whole Mozart in just over a month, so I really NEED to practice...just hard to get excited about it right now. And besides La Mer (with the comm orchestra - so it's not the best rendition ever) the big orchestra is not playing anything too thrilling this time around, and I'm not delighted about our May concert either (Beethoven Triple and Schumann #1 - don't know either one)

Ah well, time to break out the reeds. At least I'm not cleaning the house!

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