Thursday, July 30, 2009


It has been forever since I posted, but I guess not that much is going on (sob, sob) Oh well, my time is coming, fool that I am. Big orchestra auditions are Aug 14, and I have two 5 day vacations before then. Why do I always have some vacation right before auditions? Stupid. Progress is being made, but I feel woefully inept.

The Fireworks concert was great this year - as always. So lovely to see all the other oboists (and bassoonists, tpts, horns and perc, not to mention the serpent) without all the competition since we ALL get hired. This year we didn't play that much, although the Fireworks Music is plenty all by itself! My son was really excited by the crawdads found on the side of the river this year, much more interesting than the "baroque faire" or the concert, which takes place on a floating stage in the river. I personally did ok - nailing the 16th passage (that every 1st oboe player will know) the second time through - the first time I actually watched the conductor and got a bit lost in the insanity. I think it went very well though, and since there were 9 other 1st oboes it is hard to tell who is "getting" it and who isn't. Sat in the back row for the first time ever, fun to play in the back!

Several other people at the concert are also auditioning, I'm probably the weakest of those I know taking it. Sigh. But my goal is to play well for ME, not to actually win a job I don't really want. So, it would be great to get on the sub list, but as that hasn't happened in the past I'm not holding my breath. Still have the Little Orchestra - and as we are doing Dvorak 9 and have no EH player, I will probably be playing that for our first concert! Should be all set as it is one of the excerpts for the Big Symphony audition. Also doing Hanson Symphony #2, does anyone know if there is EH on that?

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Joe said...

Jill, I just got your post on my blog and i'm sooooo happy to have found your blog here! i'm going to add it to my website... is that ok? I know exactly what you mean! I'm taking a few auditions and even though I have friends I know to be overall stronger players than I am taking them i'm still going to do the best for me because at some point, my best will be the best that shows up as long as I keep trying. I'm right there with you!!!