Sunday, January 24, 2010


Our family concert was yesterday, and my clarinet-wielding friend really played amazingly well on the Shaw Jazz concerto. I must say it was kinda fun playing the saxophone, although I'm glad it was THAT concert. Looks like there may be an opening in a dance band which I might consider doing as a sub, but I don't think I want another weekly gig. But excellent to get those sax chops going.

The Mother Goose Suite went well, this was the "real" music on the program, the rest being little fun bits like D's favorite Russian Sailor's Dance - that was one of the first pieces I playing in a symphony back in the youth orchestra days. Now we have a hiatus for about a month (budget cuts) before our next rehearsal.

Quintet is finally rehearsing again this week, and I'm hoping to nail down some concert ideas for March/April. We really need to get going or there won't be any space available - all the schools have overflowing concert halls in May/June. I'd love to play some of the stuff on the Imami Winds album, but I think that would be out of reach for a concert that soon.

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