Thursday, August 16, 2012

Producing a Nightmare maybe?

OMG Can't believe it has been 8 months since I posted! I keep hoping the crazyness will subside but still waiting... Since this is my music post I will update - played Annie for the first time last spring, 5 weeks of "tomorrow" every night! Also did Les Mis at a local HS for 2 weeks, and in July I had my Euphonium time! We usually play in a teeny parade with another couple every July, we ride in the back of a pickup and it's usually 5-6 players. This year we had accordian, tuba, cornet, clarinet, euphonium and electric guitar! My baby played "percussion", mostly cowbell, and threw candy. Fun times indeed. I was feeling so good about my not too horrible rendition of Stars & Stripes that I agreed to go to the NW tubafest thing, which was the following weekend. Really fun and I didn't embarrass myself playing, although the concert was insanely hot (outdoors in a metal box). Then the next weekend they had the brass quartet play at church. This is more brass playing than I usually do in years! That being said, I didn't have much going on oboe-wise this summer, but we've been super busy. And orchestra has started up with our summer gigs (one more on Labor Day) - and I'm playing the Producers for 5 weeks, and two performances of Carmen (SOOO excited for that). It's going to be a busy fall, and there are many non-musical things going on right now, so who knows when I'll post again. This is turning into a report of my gigs, which was not my intention!

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