Sunday, February 9, 2014

The end of things

Finally some of my insanity is ending! 
The oboe audition is over, and while I didn't win or even get to round two, I'm sort of impressed with myself for getting it together enough to present myself at this crazy point in my life! I played ok, but ok is not the standard at auditions these days-- even podunkville 2nd oboe auditions! There were some fabulous players duking it out, and I got to meet some great people. Slightly sad I wasn't in the running, but I'm really happy I won't be making that 4 hour (one way) drive!

Today is the last show of Crazy for You. Bittersweet really, so happy to get my time back but I will miss my "pit mates" - hahahaha! What a good word. The poor conductor never got the hang of actually conducting from the piano - sad since the band is really good. But we will mostly be together again in May for Gypsy, with yet another new music director. 

Symphony doesn't start up for another week, so my sax 4tet is taking that rehearsal time, we have a little mini recital at the end if February. When I'm not insanely busy, playing in sax 4tet is really fun- I play Bari and it is so different from my oboe stuff. 

In the aftermath of the audition, I wonder where I should put my energy, I'd like to focus on reed making for a whole, and I'm thinking hard about IDRS this year and the fancy new oboes there- but is it worth it? I think I'll never get that big dark sound out of my old Loree. It needs to be overhauled anyway, and I will probably sell my old Laubin. All speculation for now!

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