Saturday, November 3, 2007

Orchestra was kind of a bust this week - we did do Russian Xmas, but then we did a lot on the Lt. Kije that winds don't play. I mean, more than an hour. I have no problem with them rehearsing stuff that needs it, but I wish they would just schedule sectionals (strings only!). They did end up letting us go 1/2 hour early, but it was kind of anticlimatic after sitting for 90 minutes and playing only 5 notes. I guess I would have been more excited about getting out if my carpool person had ALSO been dismissed. But I had a nice conversation with the 2nd oboist in the hall as we waited for our respective carpools to get out.

I NEED to make reeds. Or at least practice. I am really in a slump right now. I have a lesson with G on Monday, at least I can bring in the Laubin for him to see. Also my EH reed ALL leak! I have this thing about not using wire - hate it, but NEVER have my reeds leaked and now they all are. Weird. And I can't play on them like that. Especially not the big hurkin solo in RCM. I don't have much in College Orchestra - but since they are having string rehearsal this Monday I will go to band with J instead. INSANE. This is the ONLY rehearsal I can go to for the Dec Band concert, which is the day after College Orchestra's concert, which is the day after Little Orchestra's concert. Then I have nothing!

WHY do people keep moving December concerts earlier and earlier? The week after THanksgiving is awful for me, and then I have nothing to play except bells for Xmas Eve. This year I DO have a lovely Messiah gig - so weird I haven't gotten to play Messiah since I moved back to the west coast! In Ohio I

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