Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today I auditioned the 7th grade tbone for Easter - I think he'll be ok. It's not like most of the rest of us are super good! He probably sounded as good as I did, and he was able to follow, and skip if he flubbed on the eighths or something. So all good - esp since he is the minister's kid! I was reminded why I'm SOOO glad to not be working there anymore - the minister just drives me nuts. Glad to get a chance to play my "fun" horn, but just as a volunteer!

No orchestra tonight due to spring break (we rehearse at a college), so that is a nice little hiatus. Of course I am not practicing, WISH I could get inspired but all I'm playing on the last concert is Beethoven 5. Not a lot for me, nice little cadenza and a few spots of glory; but not a big oboe concert. I need to get some stuff together for a music club recital in May - just 30-40 minutes worth. Was considering the Dring but we need a good piano (and pianist, who can get noon hour off); would be easier to do things that don't require such. Really not into the whole solo oboe thing, maybe some flute/oboe duets? I also have an excellent cellist.

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