Friday, April 10, 2009

Gooood Friday

Wow. I always love our Tenebrae service. My organist friend says we should have Tenebrae on Thursday. Oh well, I couldn't do it if it were Thursdays because of orchestra! So I played the EH; that first arrangement in the Thomas Stacey Solos for the EH book - When I am Laid to Rest. PERFECT for Good Friday. And I actually had a reed that worked well - I am so tempting the fates here. MUST work on reeds, but my EH playing is done for the forseeable future.

Yesterday we had Beet 5 rehearsal, I have only played this once, and I was 2nd then. There are actually quite a few exposed places. Yay. This is the only piece I play on this concert, although I love the Mozart Requiem, maybe I will sing since I'm sure they can use people. I have sung it three times, just because every choir I have been in sings it the first thing when I join. Weird.

So Sunday is my big brass moment of the year. Hoping I don't suck. Happy Easter everyone!

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