Sunday, October 4, 2009

New World

The opera is over, went very well and we had decent crowds. I was so happy to have it be over just to have some time off! But only a week before our season opener for the symphony. And it is a big one for me, which is nice but stressful.

My brother and his family are coming the day of our dress rehearsal - which is great but I wish I would be able to spend more time with them. They will leave Sunday am, and are not going to the concert so I only get to visit Saturday morning (when I will be totally focused as a great hostess, not thinking about the concert and my REEDS at all!)

Anyway, I hope we have fun, but the concert is Rhapsody in Blue with our fabulous conductor playing piano. I had forgotten the orchestra part is way better for the oboe than the band part, which is nothing. Yay. Then Hanson Symphony #2, which has some lovely oboe moments. This would be great except I am also playing EH. We do not have any money for any extra personel, so I'm just covering the parts. Love EH stuff too, just stressing.

And the big piece, New World which has great oboe stuff; and once again I'm covering the EH part. Not to say I'm not excited about doing it! I can't wait - and I am borrowing a Laubin bocal that makes my horn sound MAGICAL; but I am stressing. After this weekend I have NOTHING until the first week of December! Hopefully I will live through it and play well, it would make me so disappointed to get the opportunity to do this great music and then not do it justice.

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