Monday, November 9, 2009


I have been terrible at keeping up this blog, it is so hard when there are no gigs! We haven't even had a rehearsal due to budget cuts, so next week will be the first one since the concert. Which I haven't written about either!

The concert went as well as I could have hoped for - it was a big one for me. The Dvorak New World (I played EH on the 2nd mvt) was probably the best I've played it. So glad I was able to use the fabulous Lau bin bocal. The sad thing is for the Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue they did NOT tune the piano!!! Such a shame, DD did an amazing job, my high Es came out great and the clarinet player rocked. I am so annoyed with our venue - they are now charging us for each piece of equipment (including the out of tune piano). We bring much of the percussion equipment from the local HS, but they are just pricing us out of the building. We don't rehearse there anymore, and 3 of our concerts will be at another venue.

So we rehearse this week on Thursday, but Friday I am getting my first gig in the big arena downtown - with the snazzy group (whose name I will spell wrong in an attempt to not get hits) Man hime Steem Roler. Hmmmm. Ok that is stupid, maybe I shouldn't care if people find my blog. But I'm very excited about this! We don't get music til the actual gig, but I've been assured this is not a hard book. Hope not!

And today I'm sending off my Laubin oboe to the "factory" - hopefully it will play delightfully when it comes back. I haven't been playing it at all (it was a hand-me-down from my teacher) because it is pretty gummy, but it may have some twisty rods or something too. The sound is amazing though.

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Patty said...

I played with them years ago ... it was fun (although they made us go outside in the cold rather than through the room they were occupying ... and it was FREEZING!). We played Swan of Tuonela, believe it or not. My fingers were numb (it was outdoors) ... no nerves at ALL, since I was too freezing and didn't have any energy to get nervous! :-)

Glad to hear you had fun! We do have a cool life, don't we?