Monday, November 30, 2009

At last some action!

Tonight I'm playing with the local community band (that J plays in) as a ringer - they are actually doing some music that has excellent sightreading twisties for my fingers. I've been working on reading faster stuff without mistakes, not one of my better skills, and this is a good opportunity. Also nice to support the band.

And then the dearth of activity is over (hopefully!) Our ww5 has been talking the talk for three or more YEARS, and we will finally meet at my house for the first time Wednesday! I'm very excited about playing chamber music with these people (principals in the orchestra mostly).

This weekend we have our first Messiah Singalong. I hate singalongs, but they can be great crowd pleasers. I am worried the powers that be are charging too much, since so many churches offer singalongs for free around here. Love to play the Messiah, even part of it (as long as it has the normal orchestration!) at Christmas - really gets me in the holiday spirit.

Then next week is our orchestra concert - we're doing a bunch of Christmas music (probably too much!) and Swan Lake Suite, yay, big oboe solo right up front! And all the fun little dances, some of which have nasty little parts. But all very doable, nothing too stressful this year (so far). I'm playing for a church cantata later in the month, sort of weird to have all this available time since I'm not directing the bells.

So maybe I'll be better about posting now I have some musical things going on...

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