Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yep, it's Christmas!

Burst of activity! Band concert went pretty well on Monday - I was NOT perfect but I think I did contribute; J sounded great on his solo (trumpet). Fun to come in and play the concerts, but while I miss the people it is so nice to have my Mondays at home.

We saw the most amazing concert Tuesday - it is a chamber music series that we actually got season tix for (three concerts); you sit at little tables in this beautifully restored ballroom from a 5star hotel (turn of the last century), each table has a lovely bottle of wine and cheese/crackers chocolate-covered strawberries for nibbling. The performers all announce their own pieces and give a little What to Listen For speech. It is somewhat more casual than the usual orchestra concerts. LOVE it - there was a Mark O'conn@ll trio (fiddle-inspired), the B@rber Summer Music (ww5 - they were so good!) and Br@hms Sextet (Sectstet? for my mom- hehe) which was awe inspiring.

Tonight we had our first ww5 rehearsal - at my house!! after a crazy day of school meetings, oboe lesson (teaching), swimming lesson (for D across town) and dashing back to rehearsal. Also made dinner for the boys somehow. I was kind of nervous so I didn't eat but it went great. It was just fun making music with such musicians, we are hoping to have a fairly regular weekly rehearsal schedule and are considering which direction (gigs or recitals) to go - right now I want to just work on playing well with these people - this is going to be great for our symphony playing. So any of you musicians with ww5 suggestions please weigh in!

We currently have Ib@rt Trois Pieces, Hind@mith, Arn0ld Three Shanties, and the Poul@nc Sextet, and a few ditties.

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Brian W. Antoine said...

That's O'Connor, you silly. :)