Saturday, December 26, 2009

Like New!

I sort of inherited a Laubin oboe from my first teacher about 20 years ago. It has been languishing in my possession for all this time, and I finally decided to send it off to it's place of birth (the Laubin factory) for an overhaul. It just came back (like a Christmas gift) and although I haven't played with others it seems to be fabulous! I'm really looking forward to seeing how it works in a group (I usually play a Loree).

Only thing is it seems to be very dark (lovely) but I've been having trouble projecting my sound in the orchestra - so this oboe may not work for that setting. We'll see, it's fun to play anyway. Think I'll bring it along just to get used to it for our week of visiting reletives, I'm sure they will all be thrilled for me to play! hahaha.

In gig news, I am annoyed to hear that they are doing a show (Curtains) at the local theater but only hiring ONE wind player to cover FIVE books. Grrr. The most annoying thing is the 2nd book would be perfect for me, oboe/EH/clar/tsax - I'm really trying to get my doubling career going. Why won't people work with me here?!!! Ah well. At least the one person they DID hire is someone I know and like!

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