Monday, December 14, 2009

Swans a swimmin

The big piece on our winter concert was Swan Lake (yeah baby!) which starts out with this huge oboe solo. What a great experience, but as always we get to the day and I'm wondering how time flew by so fast. I feel that it actually went pretty well, but I guess I'll know more when I hear the recording.

Orchestra is over until January, except for a party - which is unfortunately the same day as another gig. I'm playing for a HS choir concert, the conductor is a good friend who makes these fabulous arrangements and always gives me great solos. LOVE to play for him! Also doing a cantata on Sunday, not with my church, by some guy named Pepper. It seems like it will be "nice", but I won't hear it with singers til the gig.

The only other music-y thing going on is my recorder students - last year we played Christmas carols for the rest of the school (20 kids). Fun and low key, so I figured we'd do it again. THIS year they are SO not ready to play. Except one student, they can't get through 8 bars of Jingle Bells! I feel bad, not sure what the deal is. They can play the notes - and last year I did a kind of "suzuki" type approach with no music for a while. This year that playing by ear thing doesn't seem to be catching on. Oh well. They'll have a great time with their santa hats and jingle bells even if they can't play! I'm bringing my oboe to blast over their sound. Will report on the insanity after Thursday!

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