Thursday, December 17, 2009


Wow, first rehearsal this am with the pianist for the Dring Trio - what a fun piece! And overall we sound great (IMHO) - can't wait for faculty recital (April, we are way ahead of the game). Looking for other fl/ob/pno trios, preferrably NOT baroque unless the keyboard part is more than continuo. Anyone?

This afternoon is my recorder student "recital" - actually I think only one of them can play Jingle Bells, but I'm bring the oboe to drown them out. Should be fine, they are WAY more interested in the santa hats and jingle bell bracelets. Silly girls.

Tonight I have a fun gig with two awesome wind players at the local HS choir concert. And I volunteered to sort/pass out music for our Jan orchestra concert, so I will be the fun person who give out music in my area (the orchestra is located in a town 30 miles away, so many people drive over from the "big city") Anyway, should be good - then two cantatas Sunday and I'm done. Kinda sad I have nothing on Christmas eve, but I guess that is nice for a change. Merry Merry, everyone!

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