Friday, July 30, 2010

Art Festivals and Lack of Fundage

Last night our Little Symphony had a financial board meeting, and they invited orchestra members to attend, I guess to get more fundraising ideas. It was so depressing! Everyone seems to be trying so hard, but we have a huge deficit in this years budget Every time someone raises funds, another grant falls through or donor opts out. We now have NO major donors. They are talking about cancelling at least one concert just so we can function - and we only have a total of 5 concerts. *sigh*

I have volunteered to increase our presence on the internet - not that I have much of a clue but I can get us on the free local calendars and Cr@iglist events. Any other ideas out there? After playing with the Middle of Nowhere Symphony - where they have a HUGE (comparitively) budget I'm just depressed. We live in the same size towns, but the arts don't seem to be very supported here. Maybe I'm just not asking the right people.

Which MAY be the case, because this weekend is a big art fest in Little Town, and it is a big deal. The orchestra has a presence - the quartet and ww quintet will play (we're doing the Poulenc Sextet - so cool! and these fun Hallam pieces) The board members will pass out season brochures and I guess have a ticket buying table. Don't know how worthwhile that will end up being, but you have to try!

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