Friday, July 23, 2010

More Fireworks

Tonight we start rehearsals for the Royal Fireworks Band - concert Sunday. It's pretty old hat by now - we do Handel's Fireworks music of course, and every year there are a couple new arrangments, but most of us have done it many times and it is a great way to get in shape over a few days! Lucky for me I had the Helena gig last week, so lots of rehearsals for that (and much more exposed stuff). The RFB is fun since we are just members of the section - like violins. There is NO COMPARISON to playing principal oboe, having all those others to count on is a huge advantage. Of course, then you don't get those Diva Moments where everyone listens to YOU, and I must admit those are kinda nice.

So anyway, I'm thinking of sending the Loree off for an overhaul - the Laubin is in such good shape now it shouldn't be a problem. I've been playing it all summer. Everyone here says to send it to Carlos Coelho at - any opinions?

Hoping my old EH is sold - I haven't heard but tonight (at rehearsal) the buyer's teacher will be there. I think for the money it is a screamin deal.

Planning to carpool with the Mysterious G - hopefully in the snazzy convertable! He is growing most of his cane in his backyard now, and I really like the reeds he's making. It really is every bit as good as the super spendy stuff from France. I have some cane growing at my house, but our rocky "soil" is not ideal. Just kinda fun to have cane, maybe someday I'll end up with some that I can use!

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Bret said...

Carlos is a genius--100% recommended.