Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crisis du jour

I am running around putting out fires left and right (isn't that the definition of motherhood? Does this mean I'm the "mother" of the symphony? Huh) Several things I don't feel like I should post even anonymously, but the latest crisis is kind of my fault - I BRILLIANTLY found a 2nd oboe (our usual player is back from summer break early), and even though she will have no rehearsals she has played everything on oboe or violin so she'll be fine for this pops concert. BUT...

She goes to school at Snazzy Private College. Which is about an hour north of my house (and another hour to the concert). Our concertmaster teaches at SPC, and he was happy to give her a ride. Unfortunately, he miscalculated his car space and this evening he called and was so sorry but he couldn't fit her in. The other two people who live anywhere close are unavailable, and they are kind of occupied since it is the conductor and one of the soloists (my great friend M). Anyway, I had SAID I would get her if necessary, and it looks like it is. Which means I leave my house at 9 for a 11:30 call.

AND my husband had offered to take photos at the concert, so he was planning to go with me, but now he really doesn't want to leave 90 minutes earlier than WE have to take 2 cars. Argh. But I AM the only person who seemed to even care if we had a 2nd oboe (and that is not a paid position, so it is hard to find anyone). Feeling frustrated and a bit "used". I'll get over it - I am quite excited for the upcoming season and I have several good reeds!

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