Sunday, September 19, 2010

La Boheme

OMG this is the best music ever! Well, some of the best music ever. I am LOVING that I get to play! The orchestra is quite good, and I don't think I'm making a fool of myself (which is nice). They have brought in a conductor from NY, and I am quite amazed that he does in fact have distinct upbeats and downbeats! This is rather unusual for an opera/choral conductor (in my experience). I am finding him very easy to follow and obviously really knows the score - some conductors blame the musicians for "not following" when they are just lost. Very annoying.

Today we had the sitzprobe, only time we will actually see the singers. I think things went ok, few scary places but we have 2 more rehearsals. The best parts of this music are the luscious chords that just grow out of the phrases - it is just wonderful to feel your note fit in this huge sound.

Tomorrow the community band starts up for fall - once again I am planning to play clarinet. We have a new conductor and they may not like the idea since I leave at the break (so I can put my 8yo to bed). THe last 2 conductors have been happy to have him come to rehearsals, but we'll see what this one thinks.

And the little orchestra started up last week - we open our season with Mahler 1 (another fabulous piece of music!) and Tchaik Romeo and Juliet (which we previewed this summer).

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Who is conducting, Jill? Do tell! :-)