Friday, October 22, 2010


My brain is full of fingerings (usually the wrong ones, or the right ones for the wrong instrument anyway!) Definately the hardest doubling gig I've had. I was pretty impressed with myself when I played ob/eh/cl/tsax last year, but this is WAY harder!

I finally got the cuts - as I suspected, since it is the concert version many numbers are just gone. I only had 6 bars of EH left, and it was all high enough to play the exact notes on oboe so I decided to bag the EH. I am disappointed but it's one less thing to deal with. AND only one double reed (the least of my worries!)

I am having a lot of trouble with the upper BC register. Apparently this is not uncommon, especially with the type of octave key I have on this rental (no J, it was not better on the Bettony). Also can't seem to get high F on the Tsax w/o playing E first. It kinda sounds jazzy, so it might be ok. Probably just weak sax chops, but if anyone has any suggestions I'm open!

Only problems with the bari are AIR (holy cow that is a beast!) and physically moving it around. It is huge! Good thing about the cuts is that I'm completely done with tenor and bari after Act I. Kind of a letdown, but then I can focus on the rest.

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