Friday, October 29, 2010

Continued insanity

The demo at my son's school went very well (although nothing like I expected!) The kids were really interested in the instruments - I played them all, a little from WSS but mostly just little songs they knew. I'd guess most of them had never seen an instrument close up (sad).

But tonight is opening for WSS! SO EXHAUSTING! Seems to be going pretty well and both shows are sold out. Yay. So glad this is just a benefit, can't imagine lugging all this stuff for 6 weeks. I will have ob/eh/clar/ten for White Christmas, but that's still only one BIG case. And we'll be in the pit, not on stage. Kinda fun to be on stage though! I like being able to see, and even though my riser is cramped, I think it looks very impressive (which is what it is all about, after all).

But before that - I'm stupidly playing for the Old Lady Music Club, which is a lovely organization but not super quintet is doing the Barthe Passacalia and Ibert Trois Breves Pieces (so cute). Then I'm playing the Poulenc Trio but instead of bassoon we're using opheclide! Then the pianist will pick up a cello and we're doing some trios that were originally for reed trio, but we'll do ob/cello/opheclide. That ought to wake people up.

And I stupidly said I would play in church Sunday. Not that I mind, but this has been a crazy week, and Sunday is Halloween! So of course we are going out for that too. Fun stuff - son will be a south american indian. Wish I had more energy to think of a costume, but I probably will just show up (we go to our friend's house as no one comes out to the wilds of Mica Peak). Happy halloween everyone!

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