Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So last night we played Amahl at the big cathedral and OMG we sound so great in there! Not that everything went smoothly but the SOUND was good. And for the most part I felt comfortable - I am way more relaxed about this gig now. Whew!

I will miss the dress on Thursday - so the 2nd oboe is excited to play my part. She will be great (hopefully not better than me, at least not noticably!) During the dance I asked the flute player to cover my part as both parts are so exposed and I thought it would be really confusing to the dancers to not have both. This guy G is the best flutist I have ever heard, certainly the best live. He is really world class - moved up to G*d's Country from the studios of LA and he has some mad skills.

I'm kind of annoyed because the contractor for this gig emailed me (when I specifically asked) that admission was FREE but there would be an offering taken. So I told a bunch of people (mostly my poor friends who never come to concerts unless they are free). Yesterday I got a postcard in the mail about the concert and it said $12 admission! This is not astronomical, but for this area (for a college concert) it is not cheap - I think the orch tix are usually $5. And after telling us it is free. AND for the orch concerts we get at least one comp ticket - no comps are available for this. Grrr. Not that I begrudge them ticket sales, I just have to tell my neighbor with 3 kids and no job they can't afford to go. And the kids are all excited about going. Hate that.

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Patty said...

I wonder if they wound up charging because of the rental cost of the music. It might be somewhat expensive.

Too bad about that family though; is there no chance of asking for something special for them. Use the oboe-whiney voice?